We present you our presentation module, which we created with the greatest pleasure to show how modular home actually looks like in live so you can experience that very warm atmosphere right before you order your home.

The whole design of this cute modular home of the 36 m2 was taken care of by our interior designer, who played with modernism and Scandinavian style, which is  also the most popular way of furnishing lately.

The home contains everything you need and more! We invite you to take a virtual tour through our video and, of course, with the prior announcement, you can also see it in live.

Prezentacijski modul.png
Prezentacijski modul 2.png


We are very proud of the house we set up on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It is a facility that has everything you need for a pleasant vacation in its 30 m2. It is more than obvious that our client is a wood lover, as he decided for wooden exterior as also interior and it fits perfectly with tiny house surrounding.


The houses at the seaside have a very special charm. Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in your own home on a fresh sea air?


Pašman home has placed in its 65 m2 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a spacious living space.


The project we are really proud of is the Arzier house in the size of 136 m2 + 20 m2 wooden carport.

We imported a very special facade, which is a mixture of wood and resin, from Canada.


This house, which contains so many beautiful wooden elements, from the staircase to the beams, has more than impressed our Swiss customer.

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Slika 2
Slika 3
Slika 4
Slika 5
Slika 6

5. MODULARNA HIŠA, Dunaj, Avstrija

Naš zadnji projekt z Dunaja je modularna hiša v velikosti 43,87 m2, primerna za osebe s posebnimi potrebami. Hiša se nahaja v predmestju Dunaja in je primerna za celoletno bivanje zaradi svoje visoke izolativnosti. Igra bele barve in antracita, priljubljenega trenda v zadnjem času, se je pokazala kot odlična izbira tudi v Avstriji. 

Slika 1
Slika 2
Slika 3
Slika 4
Hiša Dunaj