Vacay house

...your place for relaxation...


Take time for yourself and your loved ones at the location that suits you best. The cottage measuring 8.39 x 3.6 m offers everything you need and more. In the carefully designed floor plan, beside sleeping area and the bathroom, which is arranged to the last detail, we have placed a spacious living room where large window makes even greater view and enables pleasures while drinking your coffee. You can choose also the outdoor pavilion which will make all your gatherings even more beautiful.



... where pleasure sensors are turned on ...

Are you also one of those who have always dreamed of having it's own coffee place? We know that everything in life is so much easier with coffee. Our goal was to create a nice “coffee shop” that you can get it in a very quick time. Put your own energy into this cute coffee shop and create your space to connect people with a good cup of coffee. Dimensions of this gorgeous coffe place are 6 x 3 m and it will take care of all of your wishes.

PicsArt_06-17-09.54.49 (1).jpg



... where your business meetings become even more successful...

Over the last century, it seems a million things have changed about how we do business, but one thing remains constant - people need to meet, and when they do, there's no better place than a conference room. It's such a pleasure to have in business your own space meant for seminars, different trainings, team buildings and all the other business meetings for which you always wanted to have a special room for. 

Unite your team in this beautiful dedicated space which will allow them to work together toward common goals. 

We are already looking forward to be a part of your story and give you a space where people will be able to see and interact with others at any time.